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Junk and Rubbish Removal

Junkyard Angel picks up metal and cardboard from residential and commercial customers, then delivers it to the appropriate recycling facility.

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Reusable Item Removal

Junkyard Angel removes appliances for residential and commercial customers. We use a Ford F-250 pickup truck with a dump box insert and sides (approximately five cubic

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Delivery Services

This service is available in the following municipalities: Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, White Rock, and Port Moody.

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Clean Quest

Oculus advises its customers that it is essential to keep their products clean and still ensure they use proper cleaning methods to wipe off the dirt without damaging the features. Using a fiber cloth is better if you do not want to be abrasive and potentially damage the lens. However, using a cloth or wet wipe will not do an excellent job at preventing the transmission of germs, especially when the headset experiences so many different users in a day.

How To Clean Your Quest Headsets

VR headsets are not relatively easy to clean as many other devices, and you must be careful to choose a method that will not damage the sensors, lenses, and other features and surfaces. Alcohol-based solutions can cause as much damage as abrasive products, and baby wipes or microfiber towels are not good enough to target deep-seated bacteria. Furthermore, research shows that the Covid virus can last up to 72 hours on a surface, which means it is risky to use a cleaning method that only removes 60% of germs.

Using A UV Disinfection Robot To Clean Your Headsets

Targets The Controllers

It is easy to forget the nitty-gritty details when cleaning them out. Many headsets do not come with removable covers that you can swap and throw away easily, which means you will be dealing with a concentrated deposit of sweat after extended use.

The wiper or cloth is not enough to wipe off the bacteria or dissolve the sweat, so you have less dirt after each clean. UV rays offer a better option because they remove bacteria and germs, which accumulate when you have excess sweat and dirt on the surface.

Safe UV Sterilization

The best solution for UV cleaning is never UVA or UVB, which are both available from the sun. These rays can destroy the DNA in viruses and microorganisms, but they can also damage your lenses and sensitive features. We use UVC for all our cleaning tools and have proof that it is safe to use when decontaminating electronics and VR systems. In addition, our boxes use air at a high velocity to remove any excess moisture and dry the headsets, so they are clean and safe for continued use.

Choosing UV Light Phone Sanitizers

Cleanbox technology offers an eco-friendly and hygienic cleaning solution for tech and non-technical products. The infused UV technology eliminates the need for liquids, heat, and other cleaning materials because it removes 99% of fungi, viruses, and toxins.

Our team designed all of these UVC clean phone sterilizers, intending to clean out a massive amount of products simultaneously, which means you can also use the box for commercial-grade cleaning purposes.

Our Promise When You Use Cleanbox To Clean Quest

We built this brand intending to allow customers to clean their tech products from the comfort of their home or while in transit when they use the more minor and portable options. It is good news that customers are still reporting positive results after using the solutions, which means you can be confident you will get the same excellent results. Check out our site online and make your order of ultraviolet light devices.

Clean Quest
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Clean Quest
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Our Environmental Partners

Junkyard Angel makes every effort to divert material to be reuse and recycling rather than sending to landfill. To do that, we work closely with many partners in the reuse and recycling industries. Those partners include: