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Junk and Rubbish Removal

Junkyard Angel picks up metal and cardboard from residential and commercial customers, then delivers it to the appropriate recycling facility.

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Reusable Item Removal

Junkyard Angel removes appliances for residential and commercial customers. We use a Ford F-250 pickup truck with a dump box insert and sides (approximately five cubic

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Delivery Services

This service is available in the following municipalities: Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, White Rock, and Port Moody.

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Article provided by: Aqueous Solutions

COVID-19 Disinfection NYC

COVID-19 Disinfection NYC

Aqueous Solutions provides the best COVID-19 disinfection in NYC because we follow all suggested guidelines. Since the pandemic hit the world, everyday life has rapidly evolved into a new reality that is alarming and shocking. Coronavirus disease cleaning has become the number one priority of businesses, service providers, and parents. Cleaning public places that are frequently visited can feel as possible as flying to the moon on a paper airplane.

Businesses with tight office spaces are facing some of the biggest challenges during the pandemic. Cleaning and disinfecting public places for COVID-19 will not only prevent the spread of the disease, but it will also protect all members of the public. Businesses from all industries are turning to our staff at Aqueous Solutions for a helping hand during these unprecedented times.  

Taking preventative actions is the only advice we can follow as a society that might change our future course. Cleaning with traditional products isn’t enough to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Sanitizing agents are required to remove the virus from frequently touched surfaces entirely.

Best Times to Disinfect for COVID-19

There isn’t a wrong time to disinfect your home or office building for COVID-19. If anyone in your office or place of business has been exposed to COVID-19, you should shut down your daily operations and clean the public spaces. COVID-19 cleaning guidelines suggest that any company previously shut down during the pandemic should disinfect and clean all of the surfaces in the building. Businesses in New York City are required to keep a log of all cleaning activities, which always should be kept up to date.

NYC Coronavirus disinfection from Aqueous Solutions is affordable, readily available, and useful. Not only should you clean and sanitize public places after someone was exposed to COVID-19, but you should also conduct sanitizing procedures routinely to prevent future infection. Cleaning and sanitizing services can never be used too often because germs and viruses are everywhere you look.

Affordable Emergency Disinfection and Sanitizing Services

Shutting down your workplace because of COVID-19 is frustrating, but our cleaning services at Aqueous Solutions can get you back on track in no time. Taking charge against the spread of disease starts with you putting our cleaning services into play. We can create a personalized plan for your office or public space that is affordable and strategic.

All of our cleaning services are conducted quickly without compromising the quality of our work. In some situations, you can never take too many precautions for safety, health, and wellness. Our top-rated disinfection services for Coronavirus can help keep your business open during these unforeseen times.

Effective and Quick Sanitizing and Disinfectant Solutions for COVID-19

Schedule your appointment for cleaning and disinfectant services from Aqueous Solutions by calling 1-800-294-4950. If you have questions, our customer support team is available to help. Positive cases of COVID-19 are still popping up locally and around the country. Please book your appointment with us before all available slots are taken! Emergency service quotes are quickly calculated for the convenience of all of our customers.

COVID-19 Disinfection NYC
Aqueous Solutions
COVID-19 Disinfection NYC
78a N Boundary Rd
Jamaica NY 11430

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Our Environmental Partners

Junkyard Angel makes every effort to divert material to be reuse and recycling rather than sending to landfill. To do that, we work closely with many partners in the reuse and recycling industries. Those partners include: