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Junk and Rubbish Removal

Junkyard Angel picks up metal and cardboard from residential and commercial customers, then delivers it to the appropriate recycling facility.

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Reusable Item Removal

Junkyard Angel removes appliances for residential and commercial customers. We use a Ford F-250 pickup truck with a dump box insert and sides (approximately five cubic

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Delivery Services

This service is available in the following municipalities: Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, White Rock, and Port Moody.

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Data Center Subfloor Cleaning

Data Center Subfloor Cleaning

The data center industry has been blowing up in recent years, and many businesses today are not doubtful of the importance of their services. Data centers can offer the best services when maintaining a vigorous cleaning routine during the construction and maintenance phase. We see a rapid rise of data centers in major cities like Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, Phoenix, North Virginia, and other cities with notable IT infrastructure. Our cleaning team is currently on the front line of servicing data centers in Bloomfield in Colorado and the surrounding areas.

We have committed ourselves to working on these areas because they are easily accessible and reachable for us to be available 24/7. The seasoned staff is trained with skills that are above the competition, so we are always providing secure, organized, and highly functional sub-floor computer room cleaning services.

Why People Hire Critical Facilities Solutions

Datacenter tools collect a lot of dust from the moment you place them in the room. Each electrical device has a sensitivity to dust and dirt, and you cannot get away with ignoring the cleaning because the devices will start to malfunction, overheat and eventually break down. We like to maintain specific characteristics for our cleaning services and know that our staff will benefit because we consistently achieve the bottom line of protecting your technology and keeping everything in excellent condition.

Our Data Center Cleaning Protect Your Devices

The dust has an electrostatic effect on devices and can result in massive failure if you ignore it long enough. It sticks to vital surfaces on the device and will slow down the cooling, which encourages overheating and the eventual demise of the machine or part.

Regular cleaning should be a delicate process of preventing the dust from settling and undoing any complications that previously caused the unexplainable failure.

Extend The Device’s Lifespan

Cleaning technicians are necessary when you want to extend the life of your data center machines. The concentrated dust particles will not become contaminants and cause premature failure and irreparable damage. The better option is to trade off the possibility of failure with a routine repair and maintenance checkup that will avoid expensive mistakes. Our janitorial services are different from all others because we know the exact skill of performing data center cleaning and have the authorization to show our competency. Some of the unique services you get from us include:

  • We can provide an environmental report on the cleaning process of your data center.
  • The team has proper chemicals that will not mess up the static charge
  • The most important team members have the training to show they know how to adhere to relevant ISO standards
  • The raised floor cleaning for data center rooms services follows protocols that improve efficiency and keep the data safe

A Glimpse Of The Detailed Cleaning Procedure For Server Room Dust Control

  • The general data center cleaning service will include the following services
  • Cleaning all the equipment with efficient tools and chemicals
  • Cleaning the subflooring, which is notorious for collecting dust
  • Deep cleaning the ceiling plenums to avoid the spread of dust to the devices below
  • Cleaning the raised floors, especially when they are perforated and can leak moisture and dust to the subflooring

Contact our server room cleaning companies to learn more about our detailed cleaning services for all of the features in your data center.

Data Center Subfloor Cleaning
Critical Facilities Solutions
Data Center Subfloor Cleaning
6800 West 117th Avenue
Broomfield CO 80020

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Our Environmental Partners

Junkyard Angel makes every effort to divert material to be reuse and recycling rather than sending to landfill. To do that, we work closely with many partners in the reuse and recycling industries. Those partners include: