Our Story

Our reliable junk and rubbish removal company was founded by Vancouver resident Johannes von Stefenelli in 1998. Concern about the environment was on the rise at that time, and Johannes saw a need for an environmentally responsible junk removal company, one that would divert as much material as possible to be reused or recycled. Johannes founded Junkyard Angel to be that company.

The company has grown steadily since then. Our original vehicle was a Volkswagen van; today we use a Ford F-250 pickup truck with a dump box insert. But one thing that hasn’t change is our commitment to providing the most environmentally responsible junk removal service in the Lower Mainland.

Our Environmental Commitment

Residents of Vancouver are concerned about the environment. After all, the beautiful environment is one of the reasons people choose to live here.

We share that concern. That’s why we’re committed to sending the least amount of material possible to landfill. Putting less into landfill today means fewer landfills and more green space tomorrow.

When we pick up material from a customer, we load it carefully, making it easier to sort. We then sort the material on the truck. Some items can be reused if they’re in good condition, such as furniture and appliances. Others can be recycled, such as metal, cardboard, and tires. We set aside those items for transfer to our partners in the recycling and reuse industries. After the sorting is complete, we dispose of any remaining material using the appropriate city businesses and landfills.

Metro Vancouver hopes to increase its recycling rate to 80% by 2020. Our humble junk and rubbish removal company, along with our customers and partners, is helping to achieve that goal. To learn more about Metro Vancouver’s recycling efforts, click here.

Our Insurance

We have the appropriate WorkSafeBC, ICBC, and Liability coverage for its employees and vehicles.