Removal Rates For Single Items

Mattress from $130

Box spring from $130

TV from $85

Stove from $100

Dryer from $100

Washer from $100

Fridge (Refrigerator) from $100

Couch from $100

Loveseat from $100

3 Seat from $120

Chair from $65

Hide-a-bed from $160

Bbq from $100

***Please inquire about curbside pricing!


If the drywall is date stamped we can handle it for recycling.

If the drywall has no date stamped, it needs to be tested for asbestos.

We do not handle asbestos containing materials. There are specialized companies listed in google.

* No drywall is to be mixed in with a load of general debris. It needs to be handled separately, brought to a special recycling facility.

Soil, Concrete, Brick and Dense Materials

$300 /cu yd + disposal

TRUCK LOAD …6 cu yds….$350 + $30-50 fuel surcharge

TRAILER LOAD…9.5 cu yds…$550 +$30-50 fuel surcharge

One day you load trailer rental service available

Some Restrictions apply

$275+ disposal

COMBINED LOAD…15 cu yds…$800 + $30-50 fuel surcharge

* Each section of truck and trailer is charged per section

* Extra charges apply to denser loads

Min charge…$100. (Size of washing machine)

Landscape supplies delivery…(soil, sand, gravel etc) pls see delivery section


Pls see delivery section on this site

* At this time we are charging 5% on top of credit card transactions.


Accepted Forms of Payment

Junkyard Angel accepts payment by

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Cash
  • E-Transfer
  • Cheque