Spring is in the air! Now is a great time to get started on your garden. It’s the perfect time to have fresh soil delivered for your home so you can get started on your projects. You may be an experienced gardener and have been dreaming and planning for this time of year all winter. Or you may be a novice gardener and are interested in gardening now for the first time in your life. Many are wanting to plant their own vegetable gardens where they can enjoy a plentiful bounty of freshly picked vegetables all summer long still warm from the sun. Zucchini, spinach, lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, potatoes, the list goes on. Maybe you are part of a community garden – with social distancing of course! You may even go so far as to can or preserve your produce.

Whatever your garden grows, whether it’s vegetables or flowers, let us help you.

We can deliver specific soils for all your specific needs. There are various kinds of soils and mixes available.

If you require a soil suitable for a vegetable garden, we can deliver to you a veggie soil mix. It is a premium soil that contains all the nutrients required. It consists of mushroom manure, compost and sand.

If you need to fortify the existing depleted soil around your plant beds, we can deliver to you a soil amender. It is a nutrient rich top dressing.

Lawn blend is best suited for the top dressing of lawns. It consists of 50% sand and 50% compost material.

To enhance and encourage the growth of your plants and vegetables mushroom manure, a by product of the mushroom industry, is recommended.

Potting soil is made with peat, sand and nutrients for potting plants.

Other kinds of landscape materials include bark mulch, sand, gravel, birds eye, torpedo, round river rock limestone, navy jack road base.

And we can calculate how much material you will need! Just give us the dimensions and we will do the figuring out for you.

The weather is warming up. It’s great to get outdoors …. so roll up your sleeves and prepare to share the love and the rewards of gardening with millions of others and make the world an even more beautiful place!

Give us a call!