Furniture Disposal & Removal In Vancouver

Furniture removal in Vancouver is a necessary, ongoing trend. People are constantly upgrading the furniture in their homes. Sometimes the owner may find it advantageous to sell online. If it can’t be sold, a call is made to remove the item. The item is then disposed of or recycled at one of several drop offs around the city of Vancouver. Items may be in good enough condition to go to an auction house or non-profit organization where the furniture is sold at discount for low income individuals. As a last resort, the furniture may need to go to a landfill. Furniture must be handled carefully with appropriate equipment such as dollies or carts.

Extra care is need while moving the furniture so as not to scratch or bump surfaces. Liability insurance is covered by the hauler for such incidents. Sometimes the item may need to be dismantled for easier transport. The furniture can be stacked and placed in the truck in a systematic way to maximize space. Normally two people are required to load the truck. The furniture is charged by its volume, not by its weight. If it rains tarps are used. The City of Vancouver mandates mattresses and box springs to be recycled and not dumped in the landfill.

There is a surcharge for this service. These items end up in a facility where the metal springs and foam are recycled reducing volume in our overflowing landfills. Some businesses specialize in receiving large quantities of office furniture where they will re-purpose or fix and sell at a reasonable price to the consumer. Overall, furniture removal is done organically and on an individual basis. It is important for manufacturers to ensure that furniture is built to last for many years of service. Sadly, most furniture ends up being made cheaply and is of low quality. Thus, the life cycle is shorter for this furniture. Overall, our society needs to uphold responsible practices right from manufacturer, to the end user, and to the end of its life cycle.