Appliance Removal in Vancouver

Interestingly, at one time household appliances had a life span of 20 to 25 years. Due to many factors this is no longer the case, with some appliances breaking down after 5 to 10 years. At one time household appliances were permitted to be dumped in the landfill. This also is no longer the case. Appliances now are required to be recycled in the City of Vancouver so as to follow the guidelines of preventing landfill overflow and maximize recycling capabilities, all targeting a zero waste model. This is due to the large volume of households as each household has a multitude of appliances. Appliances vary in size from dishwashers and fridges to washers and dryers (50 to 200 pounds). There are a variety of drop off facilities around the city that stockpile these items. Eventually these appliances are loaded, shipped and disassembled of their components such as metal, electronics and motors, so they can be recycled.

There is minimal waste left after this process. The life span of household appliances has been reduced because of inferior materials and components – made not to last. The repair person is a thing of the past because it is now cheaper to replace the item than to pay labour to repair. Once the call is placed we organize and dispatch to various locations around the city of Vancouver and surrounding areas. Some appliances can be quite awkward and challenging to manoeuvre due to their weight and bulk. Tools such as dollies and carts are used. Safety is paramount to ensure no damage to people or property.

Although we take great care, liability is used in the case of any possible damage. Some local businesses refurbish and replace components on these appliances and sell at a reduced cost to the consumer. Some consumers prefer the older model appliances because they are of higher quality and are easier to repair. Whatever the case may be, our aim is to deliver prompt and efficient service to our customers and deal with all items collected responsibly. We take it seriously.

The household appliance allows our daily life to be managed with ease.

There are a variety of appliances… ovens, stoves, fridges, toasters, blenders etc

All appliances can be repurposed or recycled…

Whatever size , each has the potential to

Be resold or donated or recycled

There are a variety of options available to each consumer… a local newspaper, or an internet ad placement

There are many places to bring appliances in any condition to be recycled around the lower mainland. There is not a long warranty for appliances, so the problem exists for its longevity. There are no service repairman available for appliances, and if there are any , they charge more than the cost of a new one.

We come with a cart or dolly , and efficiently remove the items from your place, …

Appliances are disassembled and individual parts are recycled and resold and used again in the life of a new one. It seems we will always have the need to have appliances to make our lives easier. We seem to take it for granted how wonderful these tools as appliances are. We can accomplish great tasks and minimize our time in achieving them.