The joy of owning a sofa, the relaxation that it allows us, through any hardship or any use in normal every day life, is a special one indeed.

Sofas come in a variety of sizes and shapes… loveseat 2 seats… 3 seat.. and sectional up to 5-6 person capacity … and also the pullout or hideabed versions

Sofas can be recycled or repurposed through donations to a variety of thrift shops…

Sometimes the sofas may need to be moved through carefully from a household
… the door height may be too narrow or low, and thus it will need to be twisted until a smooth fit is allowed

Couches are made primarily with a wooden frame layer with cushions and springs

They may have to be cut in half as to allow ease in moving through

Sofas and couches may last a long time in a premises…in a used condition they can be valuable to another family

We can fit up to 11.5 cu yds of material on our truck and trailer
Enough for plenty… we stack it high and fit it into a neat puzzle

Soon our society willl find a greater need to recycle these couches so they are averted from the landfill

The springs, wood and cushioning can all be handled and recycled, yet only minimal importance is made for this kind of utilization

With a little care and attention any used sofa can be brought to life again, adding side pillows or a throw blanket. For all your Vancouver sofa and sectional removal needs all junkyard angel.