Mattress Removal in Vancouver

The mattress is an important every day piece of material that we all use to wind down from our days activities.

The mattress comes in a variety of styles

And structures.

There are extra springs and cushioning options available, plus single double and queen and king sizes.

We can handle these with ease , normally carrying directly into the truck.

The recycling process involves cutting the mattress up and disconnecting the springs from the cushioning

Then the metal is recycled separately from the cushions.

Futon , memory foam , and other variations exist as well

There is a direction now in our society to keep mattresses from our landfills, and

Recycling has become the norm.

Mattresses should not be sold or donated,

Because of hygienic purposes.

Mattresses sometimes can last up to 10 years, but nowadays they are not flippable

And thus the life of each is diminished.

Mattresses are an important part of our world, and we will sleep better towards a new day because of them. When needing thank you for mattress removal junkyard angel is your number one choice!