Television Removal

Television Removal

Televisions have been with us for many years… they help inform and entertain us..

Televisions come in a variety of sizes… the older style tube tv is extremely robust and dense in its weight …

Within the last 10 years we see flat screen tv… they are much more streamlined, and light, and efficient as well!

Televisions fall into a category in waste management under electronics…

The tv is disassembled, and many parts are recycled at different facilities along the way.

Normally a flatscreen tv can be handled with one person

The tube tv needs 2 men to handle because of the weight involved. We can either carry it or use a cart or dolly to remove…

The tv is normally falls within a minimum charge to pickup at your residence …

There are many depots around the lower mainland that are able to receive and recycle items such as tv and other electronics and paper and paint etc.

The televisions have been and continue to be a vital part of our society and our every day life

The technology is always advancing, and

The demand is always great , so we will always enjoy sitting in our homes and watching our favourite sports game or program. For all your Vancouver television removal needs don’t hesitate to call us today.