Healthy Environment with Junk Removal Services

How junk removal services are benefitting the environment

How junk removal services are benefitting the environment

There has been quite a rise in junk removal services in recent times, and that’s got more to do with how much everyone is fighting for the environment. As people grow more environmentally conscious and are now taking care of their carbon footprint, it has become imperative for junk removal services to adopt sustainable and eco-friendly practices as well. The bottom line is that there is a lot of waste generated throughout the year, and the best way to preserve our environment is through the use of professional environmentally-friendly junk removal services.

When you factor in that most consumer products today are designed to be disposable, you can see how the growing problem of waste disposal isn’t going to get any better any time soon. In too many instances, items such as batteries, computers, electronics, and chemicals are thrown in with regular trash, which creates an environmental hazard. In this article, we will be examining how best to dispose of your trash and how it impacts the environment.

Separate Recyclables

Even though it is an extra step, taking the time to separate what can be recycled from your regular trash is a big help to the environment. So, when you’re doing spring cleaning or any other big cleaning project, determine which of your bulk items can go to the landfill and what you can recycle.

Most furniture made from metal or wood is recyclable, and even some plastics are recyclable as well. If you come across a piece of furniture that isn’t recyclable, you should think about selling it or donating it to a charity or shelter instead of having it go to the landfill site, where it will sit and rot.

Properly Dispose of Appliances

It’s incredible to see how many appliances we accumulate, and nearly all of these appliances take forever to break down when they are taken to a landfill. If you have devices that don’t work or you want to throw away, a smart move is to call a professional junk removal service.

These companies know how to properly dispose of these items in a way that causes the least harm to the environment. Also, if the appliance works, but you don’t want it anymore, consider donating it or passing it along to someone who can use it.

Be Mindful of Electronics

Electronics, cell phones, and computers, in particular, create what’s called e-waste or electronic waste, and it is a big problem. Even though the effects on the environment aren’t genuinely known, since e-waste is a new type of garbage, some scientists say the environmental impact is significant. Most of our computers and electronics contain heavy metals, which include lead, barium, lithium, and mercury.

When these are thrown into a landfill, these metals seep into the soil and get into the groundwater. People who depend on this water can be drinking carcinogens and not know about it. Due to the potential health concerns throwing away electronics presents, it’s responsible to properly dispose of these items in a manner that won’t impact the environment.

Today, most companies will come and collect cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices for recycling. If you don’t have a company locally, there are a number online where you can send these items. Lastly, if you have cell phones or computers that work, consider donating those to a school or charity.

Chemicals and Drugs

Most people pour old chemicals or unused medications down the drain or into the toilet. Disposing of these items in this fashion leads to water pollution and contamination. If you have unused medications, consider giving them to a drug take-back program. Such programs are now present in most towns. You can drop off these items at the program’s facility, and they will dispose of them appropriately.

The same is true for chemicals. Most chemical products have instructions on their labels on how to properly dispose of them, so they have minimal impact on the environment.

Reduce Air Pollution

In some communities, burning trash is an acceptable way of dealing with unwanted junk. Most trash burning is fine, and materials like grass clippings, leaves, paper, and cardboard, and even some fabrics are fine to burn. However, many items, such as plastic and rubber, release toxic fumes when they are burned, which leads to air pollution.

Although most municipalities regulate the backyard burning of trash, people do it anyway. If you’re interested in protecting the environment, do a little homework to see what’s acceptable to burn and what needs to be recycled or removed by a junk removal service.

Health Benefits

We’re all part of the environment, and we depend on its cleanliness and safety for our survival. Properly disposing of trash, relocating it away from human populations helps keep the air and water we consume pure and safe. When some garbage is burned or breaks down, it causes air pollution, which can lead to respiratory illnesses for some people.

Safely disposing of trash and taking it to proper recycling facilities or approved landfills reduces the biohazards that come with mountains of trash. Most landfills use specialized liners to prevent toxic chemicals from getting into the groundwater and are mindful of what type of waste is incinerated.


It can’t be stressed enough, but recycling unwanted or unused items is one of the best ways to help the environment. Your items not going to the dump or landfill goes a long way to keeping the environment clean. Not only does this reduce the amount of stuff in the landfill, but it reduces the number of toxins that seep into the ground as products break down.

As stated above, the best way of recycling unwanted or unused items is to donate them to charities or shelters. If you can’t do that, consider selling them online. You can also have a garage sale. As you can see, there are considerable benefits to the environment and our overall health to responsibly dispose of trash. If you do have waste that you don’t know what to do with, most professional junk removal services can help you and ensure that your waste is disposed of safely and adequately.

Junk Removal Services – What to Look For

What to look for in a junk removal service

What to look for in a junk removal service

Gone are the days when people used to let their garbage pile up, and then burn it off in their backyard. In the present world, with the latest advancement of technologies and new services springing up left, right, and center, hiring a professional junk removal service is the way to go. It provides a much more convenient way to dispose of your trash and get rid of the unwanted junk in your home.

However, choosing the right junk removal service can be a difficult decision with so many different players in the industry. Choosing the right company doesn’t all come down to price, but what they intend to do with all the trash they have collected. People are more environmentally friendly now, and it matters to them, particularly when it comes to what method is used to dispose collected waste.

If you’re someone who is caught in the middle and can’t decide what you should look at when hiring a junk removal service, you’ve come to the right place. We will be highlighting some of the common factors that you should look at when you are hiring a junk removal service. These include the following factors:

Quick and Timely Removal

When people hire a junk removal service to sort, move, and dispose of their yard waste, furniture, and other recyclables, they are looking for a service that is efficient at their job. Usually, by the time a customer picks up the phone, their pile of debris is ready to go. So a good junk removal service should be able to schedule a pick-up within 24 to 48 hours of the call.

No one wants a pile of debris standing about in their backyard, and a quicker and more efficient junk removal service is better for the customer. Therefore, when you are looking for a junk removal service, look at their response times for picking up junk from your home.

Sufficient Resources

Whether it is an old couch or entire yard waste removal, the junk removal service you hire should have adequate resources to handle all types of jobs. They should be equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done. Any junk removal service worth their weight in gold should have the latest tools and equipment to handle any type of junk removal job.

They should also have the necessary vehicle to properly collect waste or junk and dispose of it in a timely manner. You don’t want to hear that your junk removal company doesn’t handle the type of waste or junk that you want to get rid of, and that’s why you must look for a service that has sufficient resources to handle all types of junk.

Certified and Licensed

The professionals working at junk removal service should all be properly trained and experienced to handle the customer’s needs and provide quality work at the same time. They should know the proper procedures for disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous junk in a responsible manner, with a mind for environmental protection.

Never work with a junk removal service that doesn’t have the necessary licenses and certifications to complete the job. You want to work with thorough professionals who are experienced at their job and know how to dispose of hazardous junk in the most appropriate manner.

Recycle Policy

Most junk removal services that are around today provide an environmentally-friendly waste removal and recycling policy to dispose of and recycle items. These could be anything from construction, yard, and household junk to hazardous junk that has been compiled over the years. So, any junk removal service that you choose should have a clear recycling policy and recycle a number of salvageable items.

In this day and age, people are more concerned about the environment and their carbon footprint, which is why they are looking for junk removal services that meet their objectives. When hiring a junk removal company, it is important that you work with one that has a solid recycle policy in place.

Competitive Pricing

As with any other service, pricing is a key concern for customers. So, when hiring a junk removal service, it is good practice that you call at least three local junk removal companies and ask them for a quote. However, this doesn’t mean that you should choose the cheapest service provider. You should have knowledge about what the companies are charging and whether it is feasible for you.

A professional junk removal service will have no qualms about giving you a quote so that you can compare it with others in the industry. Your goal should be to work with a service that doesn’t charge you exorbitant rates to get rid of your unwanted trash or hazardous junk from your home.

Solid Reputation

Another thing that you must watch out for when hiring a junk removal service is what kind of reputation they have in the industry. You can gauge that pretty easily by looking at the reviews left by customers on their website. You can also ask your neighbors or friends about junk removal services they have used to get a good idea about the reputation they hold in the industry.

There are plenty of good services out there, but you want to work with one that you feel the most comfortable with. This is why it is a good idea to check the reputation of the company that you intend to work with first so that you don’t have any concerns later on.

Final Word

When it comes to working with a junk removal service, there are certain things that you should look for, and we have highlighted some of them here. Keep these things in mind when you are searching for a service, and you won’t be disappointed. Our job is to inform you and provide the right knowledge so that it is easier for you to hire the services of a junk removal company in your area.

Junk Removal – How to Find a Reputable Disposal Company

The best tips for finding a reputable disposal company

The best tips for finding a reputable disposal company

For most homeowners, junk removal can be a very time-consuming and tedious task. However, it is a necessary task to rid your home of junk accumulation and restoring it back to its fresh and natural state. In most cases, it becomes one of those daunting tasks where you end up paying a junk removal company to take care of it all.

Even though everyone is aware of the benefits of hiring a junk removal company, finding a reputable one is still hard. The reason for this difficulty is that there are so many different companies in the market, and finding a service that you can rely on when it comes to junk disposal is imperative. So, if you’ve accumulated a fair amount of junk in your home and are looking for reputable disposal companies, we have just the tips for you that will make your search an easier one.

There are all kinds of information available on picking the most reputable disposal companies, but none really drive home the point on what are the important facets you should be focusing on. This is something that we will touch on so that you are more informed on your search for a reputable disposal company. So, without further ado, let’s dive into how you can find a reputable disposal company:

Check If They Are Fully Insured

The first and foremost thing that you must do when searching for a junk removal company is to check whether or not they are fully insured for junk removal services. A company that is insured will manage to provide you with better services and will put your mind at ease. That’s because they can compensate for any loss that may occur during the removal process, as long as they are insured.

Working with a company that is insured also signifies that they are serious about the work that they do and take the necessary precautions to deliver exemplary service. It is one of the easiest ways to identify whether a business is reputable or not.

Check Whether They Are Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

After cleaning up your waste, it is vital for a professional company to plan on how they will properly dispose of and handle both hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials. You should ensure that the company you hire is going to take care of all the loading, clean-up, and dumping of your unwanted junk and recycle it without harming the environment.

Recycling is an efficient waste-management strategy, and any waste disposal company that claims to be the best is going to pay proper attention to it. This is why it is extremely important that you look at whether the waste disposal company you hire has got an environmentally friendly recycling policy in place. This will put your mind at ease that you’re not harming the environment in any way with your waste disposal.

Check Their Experience and Reliability

When researching for a proper waste disposal company, you should first look into their reputation and experience. That’s because well-respected businesses will provide you with high-quality services without any delay, and you won’t be second-guessing yourself as well. Once you request the service, the company is going to make an arrangement within one or two days to provide you with junk removal and waste disposal services.

You want to be working with a company that takes itself seriously and doesn’t compromise on the quality of their services or tries to cut corners. That’s where reliability comes into the picture because you want to work with an honest company that upholds their promises and doesn’t leave you frustrated. So, make sure that the company you work with keeps their word and delivers services that meet your expectations.

Check the Convenience Factor

Cleaning up construction debris and removing the junk you have accumulated in your home throughout the years can be a very exhausting and time-consuming task. Whether it is disposing of the junk from your home correctly or simply removing it, the work can easily turn into a project that’s one to two days long. When you choose to hire a reputable disposal company, this time frame will be much shorter, and the work will be accomplished at a much faster rate.

That will give you peace of mind and time to focus on other important areas of your life and is going to be one less thing that you need to worry about. The waste disposal company should leave your home spotless and as clean as new when they are done collecting the junk so that you don’t need to worry about cleaning up after they are gone. This is something you won’t need to deal with when working with a reputable company.

Check How They Treat Their Customers

A reputable disposal company isn’t going to leave much to chance and will go out of their way to deliver exemplary services to clients. They will also be the first to respond to any grievances that their customers have with them. You can measure the reputation of a company by the way that they treat their customers. Everyone wants to work with a company that cares about them, and this is one of the main things that people look for when searching for a reputable company.

You can read up on reviews from previous customers about the services of the company and whether they are adept at meeting expectations and providing their clients with great services. If they are quick to respond to complaints and leave no stone unturned to satisfy their customers, then it is a safe bet to assume that it is a reputable company.

Final Word

When you are looking for junk removal services or waste disposal companies to work with, it is important that you only work with the most reputable names in the industry. With so many different options available to you, it can be difficult to find a service that you can trust and respect. The key indicators we have mentioned above can go a long way in helping you find a reputable disposal company, and you should ensure that a service ticks all the right boxes before you work with them.

The Basic Things We Need to Know When Starting A Junk Removal Service

What you should know about junk removal service

What you should know about junk removal service

Starting off a junk removal business seems like a straightforward self-employment idea in this day and age. There are plenty of junk removal services recently launched to capitalize on the growing need for safely removing junk from premises. People are looking to get rid of their junk and they are willing to pay you good money for that purpose. There has been no better time in history than now to start a junk removal business and there are more opportunities for you than ever before.

Even though a junk removal service can be a very lucrative and successful small business for you, there are certain things that you should know about before you start. We will be highlighting a few of them, so that you have a better idea of where you stand and whether this will be profitable for you. So, here are some of the things you must weigh when you are deciding whether or not you should enter this line of work.

Perform Market Research in Your Area

You must first conduct competitor analysis in your area, which will mean finding out who the local junk haulers are, and then try and determine which ones are successful and what makes them stand out. Your search shouldn’t only include independent junk removal services, but also some of the larger and more established names in the industry such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and others.

To be successful, you will need to understand not only the prevailing rates charged by your competitors but also your cost, which includes your overhead for properly recycling or disposing junk, so that you can accurately determine your profit. You can try calling some of the local companies and ask for their junk removal prices. You need to do this to find out the different rates for various types of junk. Some will go straight to the landfill, but others might be sold to scrap dealers, donated to charities, or other uses that will impact your cost of removal.

Check Out Regulatory Hurdles

You should check out all regulatory hurdles before starting your junk removal business. There may be local, state, and federal laws applicable to the lawful disposal of junk, especially hazardous waste, and fines may be applied if the disposal isn’t carried out in a legal manner. You don’t want to be caught unawares or be subjugated to paying fines if you’re not careful in your waste disposal, which is why it is a good idea to learn about what laws are applicable to junk removal in your area.

Take a Junk Removal Job

Another aspect of your market research might be to take up a job with another junk removal company for an initial period to gain a better understanding of the business. If you’re planning to invest in getting a new enterprise, this is going to help you gain an understanding of the business before investing yourself. Once you get a real taste of what the job is going to be like, you can make a plan for properly organizing your business. This will only help you overcome the hurdles of a junk removal business.

Try Advertising on Listings

If you’ve got a pickup truck, you can start advertising your business on different listings and take a few jobs for cash, just to see how you like the experience. With your initial market research already completed, you now have an idea of how much you should be charging for junk removal. This will work in your favor, and you will realize just popular your junk removal service is in your locality and whether there is a demand for junk removal.

know about junk removal service

Study Bigger Brands

The entrance of bigger brands in the junk removal service industry has helped raise the bar on customer expectations for appearance, professionalism, and price. It has become imperative to provide exemplary and professional customer service to people. However, you have the opportunity to customize your business approach to help differentiate yourself from the bigger brands in the industry.

Know the Barriers to Entry

If it doesn’t take you much research or financial investment to get into the junk removal business, then you should know that it won’t take much time for others as well. This situation is known as a low barrier to entry, which means that new participants may be continuously cycling in and out of the industry. First, entering and possibly underpricing their services, because they don’t have a realistic picture of the overhead costs they will have to meet to remain viable.

Your best bet here is to differentiate your services to make them extraordinary, so that customers will rave about you. Make it impossible for them to choose another service over yours, and you will have set up a formidable business in the junk removal service.

Consider Seasonality

You should know that the spring and summer seasons will be the ones that will be the busiest when it comes to junk removal. You must anticipate that these will be your most lucrative seasons, with things slowing down in the fall and winter. So, plan on launching your junk removal business at a time when you are anticipating the most activity when it comes to junk removal, as that will help you establish a firm footing in the industry.

Put Together a Business Plan

After doing the research, you will be ready to put together a business plan for your junk removal business. A business plan is a document that summarizes the operational and financial objectives of the business and contains detailed plans and budgets showing how the objectives are to be realized. As the business plan contains detailed financial projections and forecasts about your business’s performance, and a marketing plan, it is an incredibly useful tool for business planning.

So, there you have it, all the basic things that you should know about before you go ahead and start your junk removal service.

Types of Junk Removal Services

Type of Junk Removal Services

  • Junk
  • Rubbish
  • Garbage
  • Waste
  • Debris
  • Materials
  • Items
  • Stuff

Call it what you like.  We all have it.  And at times we have way too much of it.  And we need to get rid of it.

Junk and rubbish removal has evolved especially in the last several years.  Our planet seems to be smaller and more interconnected.  We are now even more aware of our individual and collective impact on the planet.  Everything we do has an impact.

Therefore, there have been implemented many more stringent rules and regulations surrounding junk and rubbish removal.  The cost of disposal has steadily increased.  And the process of junk removal and disposal is more time-consuming as items and materials need to be separated into various recycling and waste disposal categories, usually at the job site, so they can be dropped off at the appropriate facilities afterwards. Mountains of items are being hauled daily to various recycling facilities and landfills.

Not everybody’s junk removal needs are the same.

We have gone into crawl spaces with forehead flashlights to retrieve items and materials; basements; attics; garages; outdoor sheds; storage lockers; yards; back alleys; docks; offices; construction sites and of course houses and apartments.

We have had some unusual jobs.  For instance, we cleared out a large storage space chock full of vintage office equipment, etc. from the 1930’s and 1940’s, including a vintage pinball machine.  Another customer had a large collection of LP record albums.  Turns out the sleeves were all empty, however, the sleeves themselves were collectors’ items!  The fellow at the music store had never seen such a collection before and happily took all the boxes of empty sleeves for framing purposes.

We service both Residential and Commercial customers.  This includes houses, condos, apartment complexes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, salons, landscapers and construction sites to name a few.

Residential customers have a multitude of reasons for needing junk removal.  Most of these jobs entail picking up furniture, boxes of household items, mattresses, old appliances, electronics, gym fitness equipment, trampolines, children’s playground equipment, carpeting, flooring, bathtubs, tires, car batteries, barbeques, propane tanks, etc.  The unwanted items might be the end result of renovations, redecorating, moving, downsizing, updating, de-cluttering, re-organizing, leftover garage sale items, appliance breakdown, locker clear out, yard and garden maintenance and clean-up, landscaping debris (plant material as well as bricks, rocks, concrete, etc.), soil and fencing debris.

Our Commercial customers are located in offices, retail stores, salons, and restaurants, etc.  They often require our services when they are moving, renovating, updating, replacing furniture, equipment and/or appliances, cleaning up indoor and/or outdoor space.  Or we may be asked to remove debris and garbage after a special event.   If a company is closing up shop they may have display items such as racks and shelving units, etc. that need to go.  Also, recycling room bins may be in an overflow situation prior to their normal scheduled recycling pickup so we are called in to clear away the excess.

Types of Junk Removal

What Happens to Your Stuff:

All materials that can be recycled such as paper, plastic, glass, wood, metal, appliances, electronics, etc. need to be taken to the appropriate recycling facility.  Chemicals, paints, batteries, light bulbs, hazardous materials also need to be taken to their respective depositories to be disposed of safely and responsibly.

Appliances and electronics are not built to last.  Back in the day a refrigerator or washing machine could last for 25 years.  Now you are lucky if it lasts five years!  It is cheaper to replace it than to pay for the repairs.  Years ago, we might have dumped them into the landfills.  We no longer do this.  Nowadays, used appliances are hauled to a recycling facility where they are taken apart and the metals and parts are recycled and perhaps even reused if possible.

Old, discarded mattresses are no longer just thrown into the landfill like they were years ago.  They are dropped off at a facility where they are taken apart.  The metal coils are separated so they can go directly to the metal recycling facility and the foam portion is sent to another facility to be recycled separately.

Old furniture and furnishings that are in reasonable condition and still serviceable will be accepted by a charitable organization to sell and hence be reused by someone else.

Landscaping material, if properly sorted and not contaminated with other materials, can be taken to a facility for recycling.  Yard waste consisting only of trimmings, leaves, grass, branches (maximum 45 cm in diameter and 2.6 meters long), and plant remains, will be accepted for recycling.  If other materials such as bricks, rocks, concrete, etc. are mixed in with the yard waste, it is considered contaminated and will not be accepted for recycling.  If that is the case, the materials will be taken to the landfill instead.

Construction debris is separated into categories such as drywall, wood, metal, cardboard, etc. so that it can be recycled.  Drywall, pre-1990, needs to be sent to an accredited laboratory for testing and analysis to determine if it contains asbestos.  This is done prior to the materials being picked up by a rubbish removal company.  If the drywall does in fact contain asbestos there are strict protocols that need to be followed, such as double bagging, etc.  A qualified contractor will be aware of the proper procedures.  There are certain rubbish companies that specialize in picking it up and taking it away for you.  Our company does not handle asbestos.

We are able to deal with the many different types of chemicals and solvents, etc. that our customers may have.  We drop them off at a regional recycling facility.  Unfortunately, Environment Canada has not yet established a full spectrum of chemicals that can be recycled.  If the chemicals, etc. are not accepted and cannot be handled by the regional recycling facility they are then taken to another facility that specializes in such chemicals, paints and solvents.  Extra charges will apply.

There are many different ways of talking about junk and rubbish removal.  And, as you can see, there are also many different steps involved once we drive away from our customers’ premises so that we can dispose of the items and materials responsibly.

Give Junkyard Angel a call and we’ll be happy to take away your stuff and lighten your load.

When we take away your load, we take a load off of you.

Essential Junk Removal Tips for Your Business

Essential Junk Removal Tips for Your Business

Throughout the years we have had many business customers who have presented us with a variety of requests for their junk and rubbish removal needs.

Sometimes it may be as simple as having an old desk and/or broken chair removed. Or we may be asked to haul away a no longer functioning refrigerator from the coffee room; or perhaps dryer appliances from a hair salon. After a minor or major clean up and decluttering of their offices, a customer may give us a call to pick up items that are no longer of service to them. Perhaps a business has decided to update equipment and/or electronics and needs the old ones taken away. A business may be in the middle of a move and we are tasked with removing only select items.

At other times the request may entail a job of a larger and more extensive scope such as clearing out an entire office space. The office space may have already been vacated and we need to clear away all the items that have been left behind. Sometimes the office space has been left behind in quite the disarray! We have cleaned out entire office spaces whereby we not only dismantled partitions and removed all the desks, chairs and other office furniture, but we also emptied office desk drawers and cleared out the supplies and equipment from the stock/mail room. These particular jobs may be fairly large in scope and require a 4-person crew (or more). As we are packing up the office supplies, etc., we ensure that items are separated into their respective disposal designations such as: charitable donations; paper recycling, electronics recycling; glass recycling; metal recycling, batteries; light bulbs and fixtures; paint recycling, chemical recycling, etc. As a side note, at one particular office site, several very large, beautiful plants had been left behind. We immediately placed an ad on Craigslist under the ‘Free’ section and within minutes had an overwhelming response. In no time, the beautiful plants found new homes with very happy new owners. It was a win-win situation for all.

There are many scenarios and, at some point, there will likely come a time when most businesses will require the services of a professional junk and rubbish removal company.

So, whether you are in the process of moving and need some items removed prior to and/or after the move; have just finished a decluttering; have upgraded the office furniture and/or electronics; or updated office equipment, a professional junk and rubbish removal company can help you out.

Whatever the circumstances we can take away whatever no longer serves you.

It can be difficult to gauge exactly how much stuff there is when it is spread throughout the office space. We will gladly come in and have a look at the situation and we can give you a guesstimate. Or we may ask that you send us photos. Our price will be based upon the volume, time and labour to complete the job. If there are heavy items involved the weight may also play a factor.

We will ascertain the scope of the job. Perhaps there are large or awkward objects that will need to be disassembled before being removed from the space so they are able to fit into the elevator and loading dock. This would include items such as office partitions and L-shaped desks for instance. Or perhaps there is heavy equipment that needs to be taken away.

We can also pro-rate the job. This means that the final price will be dependant upon how full the truck and/or trailer is after they are loaded (one-quarter full; one-half full, etc.).
Essential Junk Removal Tips for Your Business

There are several factors we need to find out prior to beginning the job and some questions that we may ask our customer:

What about parking?
Is street parking available? If so, are there any restrictions? If so, the customer may need to apply for a special parking permit from the City of Vancouver to reserve parking space for a specified block of time.
Is there an alley for parking?
Is there a loading dock?
What are the height restrictions in the underground parking?
Is there an elevator? Is there a commercial elevator?
Will the elevator be booked? Special permission will be required from the building management as the elevator needs to be locked and the elevator most likely will need to be padded.

How high is the elevator?
Has an electrician disconnected everything applicable so we can safely remove items? Some electrical setups such as specialty stoves, dryers, dishwashers, etc. may need to be disconnected by an electrician or building maintenance person. Modular desks may be wired and need to be disconnected by an electrician. We are not electricians.


Just to recap, there are a few tips we can give our business customers regarding junk and rubbish removal. To prepare for our arrival there are certain preparations you may wish to do in advance to facilitate an easy, seamless process – and to make it less stressful on you.

Ensure the proper folks have been notified regarding your move. These folks might include the building management and/or building maintenance in order to reserve and lock the elevator (and to ensure elevator padding is in place); getting the appropriate parking permits for street parking if required, or loading dock permission / reservations; hiring an electrician or building maintenance person to disconnect any electrical components necessary so our work can be carried out safely and efficiently.

To avoid any confusion, particularly if you are in the midst of a move, it is good to label clearly exactly what you wish us to take away. What goes and what stays? This is especially true if the items are not in the same vicinity and are spread out throughout the office. For instance, you might employ a system whereby orange neon stickers are placed on all items that are to be removed by us from your premises.

Also, it is a good idea to pack or keep ‘like’ items together. Some categories of these items that you would like us to take away might be:

  • Donations
  • Office Supplies (these will be donated to a charitable organization)
  • Paper recycling
  • Cardboard recycling
  • Glass recycling
  • Electronics
  • Batteries
  • Light bulbs/fixtures
  • Paints and Chemicals
  • Photocopy toner

In case you have sensitive items that need to be shredded we can recommend a company that specializes in safe document destruction.

These are just a few tips that might be helpful for you.

We look forward to serving our business customers!

Important Questions To Ask Your Junk Removal Service Provider

*Please note that during Covid-19 you may prefer we do curb side pickup.  If we are entering your premises our crew will be wearing masks and gloves for everyone’s protection.  Stay safe!

What size is your truck?
We have a 14 yard dump truck / trailer combo

What size is the trailer?
It can hold 8 cubic yards

How much do you charge?
Our minimum charge is $75 for the size of a washing machine.

How do you base your pricing?
Our price for one full truck and trailer load combo (14 cubic yards) is based on one tonne of material.  If the materials or items are assessed to exceed one tonne in weight then excess weight charges will apply.  For example brick, tiles, concrete, hardwood flooring, etc. may have excess weight.

I’m not sure how much stuff I have?
Sometimes it can be difficult for folks to gauge exactly how much stuff they have when it is spread out throughout the home or yard, etc.

If you are not sure how much stuff there is we can usually guesstimate the cost to remove the items.  However, we can also pro-rate the load.  This means that the final price will depend on how full the truck is after it is loaded.  For instance, if the loaded truck is one-quarter full, one-half full, three-quarters full, etc.

Does the price include dump fees?
Yes, dump fees are included.  Dump/disposal fees can vary depending on volume, weight and material.  In cases where the materials and load are exceptionally heavy, there may be an extra charge.   Also, there is an added cost for drywall removal and certain chemicals.   As an example, even though a load of Styrofoam is very light it actually costs more to dispose of it.

What about taxes?
We charge 5% GST for rubbish removal.   We add 7% PST also when we are delivering soil or other landscape materials to our customers.

Do you empty recycling bins?
Yes we do.  We take the items to the appropriate recycling facility.

Do you work on weekends?
Yes we do!

Do you work evenings?
Our normal operating hours are between 8:00am and 5pm.  We are, however, flexible.  We can start earlier and work later depending on our customers’ needs.

Do you donate and recycle?
Yes, we sort materials as we load the truck.  We sort items into several sections including:  Donations; Recycling (paper; plastic; metal; electronics; paint and chemicals; propane tanks, etc.); and lastly Waste/garbage.

How far in advance do I need to book?
It’s a good idea to book at least a day or two in advance if possible.

Can you do the job today?
We will try our best to provide prompt, efficient service.   However, it’s not a bad idea to book appointments in advance if possible.

Is there anything you cannot take away?
Asbestos.  Bed bugs.

Do you remove chemicals?
We can handle most chemicals.  Certain chemicals need to be brought to a special facility for processing for an additional cost.  For example: industrial paint.   It is important to keep labels on all paint cans, etc.  It is more expensive to dispose of paints when the labels have been removed as they then need to be taken to a special facility.

How big is your crew?
We normally have a 1-2 person crew.  If required, we can provide additional labour to complete any job that we take on.

What do you charge for labour?
The first hour is generally included in the price.  For larger jobs, after the first hour, we charge an additional labour rate of $85 per hour for two people.

Can you remove (fill in the blank) for us?
If we can’t help you we will try to help steer you to someone who can.

What is your service area?
We service the Lower Mainland.

Do you deliver soil and other landscaping material?
We can handle up to 2 yards of soil (1 yard of gravel equivalent) in our dump truck.  If required we have a trailer for additional material.  Labour is required to unload the trailer.

What are the payment options:
We accept cash, cheque, e-transfer, credit card.


How much stuff is there?
This may range from as little as one item to a truck and/or trailer full.
Sometimes it can be difficult for folks to gauge exactly how much stuff they have when it is spread out.  We can usually guesstimate the cost to remove the items.  However, we can also pro-rate the load.  This means that the final price will depend on how full the truck is after it is loaded.  For instance, if the loaded truck is one-quarter full, one-half full, three-quarters full, etc.

Where are the items located?
Are the items in one location or spread out?
Is it a house or apartment?
Are the items/materials heavy and/or bulky?
Very heavy or bulky item(s) may need to be dismantled prior to removal.  Also, special tools may be required.

Regarding couch and furniture removal:

  • – What size is it?
  • – Is it a regular sofa or a sofa bed or recliner type?
  • – Is it heavy and/or bulky?
  • – Are there stairs involved?
  • – Is there an elevator?
  • – Will the item fit through the door?
  • – Will the item need to be disassembled to fit through the door or into the elevator?
  • – What distance are the item(s)/material(s) from our parked truck?
  • – Are there bed bugs
  • – Is there anything else we should know?

Regarding mattress removal:

  • – What size is the mattress and/or box spring
  • – Is it a regular coil or foam type mattress or a heavy metal hospital type bed? We have been requested to pick up a single bed and, on arrival, discover that the bed is a heavy hospital-type bed with metal mechanisms.  This, of course, is more expensive to remove and dispose of and requires more manpower.
  • -Are there bed bugs?

Does the elevator need to be reserved?

If so, permission will be required from the building management in advance of the job.

What is parking availability?
Are there parking restrictions?
How high is the underground parking?
Is there a loading dock?
Are there any bedbugs?
Is there any asbestos?

Call Junkyard Angel to set up an appointment.

We will offer prompt, efficient service at your convenience.


Tips for a Clutter Free Living Space

Junk removal

Circumstances change. We change. Opportunities arise. Whether you’re moving, transferring, downsizing, empty nesting, or have additions or subtractions to your family – life moves us forward. Sometimes the stuff we’ve accumulated becomes an albatross around our neck. Do we really need all that excess stuff around us? Do we really need to haul it around behind us? Do we even know what we have anymore? Do we keep misplacing and losing things in the chaos? Are we wracking up storage locker fees for items that we never even look at? Eventually, the stuff in the locker could cost us thousands of dollars just collecting dust. Way more than the merchandise is even worth. Sometimes the stuff is no longer relevant in our lives, no longer brings us joy or there’s just too darn much of it! Just thinking about it can be daunting and overwhelming, but if we don’t deal with it ourselves, one day somebody else will be forced do it for us. Not a fun job for anybody!

Take a deep breath. Maybe it’s time.

There are so many decisions to be made. Do we love it? Do we use it? If not, why do we have it? Do we have duplicates of items? Maybe you can give it away to someone you know who could use and would appreciate it. Or perhaps you can sell the item at a garage sale or online. Maybe you can donate it to a charitable organization. Hopefully your items will find a new home where they will be used, loved and cherished.

We all change and evolve. Do we need to keep every single item from our past? We would need a storage warehouse! Maybe just select a few really special items to keep as memories and lovingly let go of the rest. When we have too much we don’t even know what we have and it all gets lost. It just lays buried under a mountain of other stuff that has no meaning. It becomes just more stuff. Nothing is special anymore.

What are your interests now? Maybe your hobbies have changed and you no longer need the supplies for scrap booking, etc. And is it necessary to keep the croquet set if you live in a small apartment and don’t have a yard? Why not give it away to someone with a yard who could use it?

You might need it someday. That is another reason folks hold onto things. However, the reality is that you may never need it! Most of the time, you may never even miss the item once it is gone. Take a chance.

How much did it cost? When we see how much money we have spent we feel bad and regretful. We have all done it. Don’t beat yourself up. Just remember that the quality of your life and home environment now is worth more than any money you may have spent in the past. There is no sense feeling guilt every time you look at something. That’s not healthy for your wellbeing either. It’s better to have good, positive feelings when we look at the things around us in our homes that reflect who we are now.

Actually, you will probably save money in the long run. After all, you may have been unwittingly purchasing an item over and over again because you didn’t realize you already have several hiding under something else or stuffed in a cupboard. And some items will expire before they are used and will have to be discarded.

It can be stressful and overwhelming dealing with excess belongings whether they are yours or belong(ed) to somebody else. There are lots of big and small decisions to be made and sometimes many emotions involved especially with sentimental family items brought on by a transition or change of circumstances in your life. Maybe we feel guilty letting go of items that were given to us by a loved one. We may not even love the items or have a use for them, but we feel guilty even thinking about letting go of them. We feel a sense of guilt and obligation to hold onto them. Decide to choose which items mean the most to you. Keep, honour and cherish those items. Display them. Lovingly let go of the rest. Perhaps pass it on to another family member who may be interested. I held onto many of my parents’ photo albums of their various vacation trips. One day I realized that these were their memories. They were not mine. That was their life, not mine. I will make my own memories.

Like the tide, stuff comes in and out of our lives. Sometimes we acquire, collect and hold onto and sometimes we need to let go. Maybe the time is right to do the latter.

Take a deep breath. Maybe it’s time to let go.

Need for hiring professional junk removal services in Vancouver

Junk removal Vancouver

Junk removal service Vancouver

When we take away your load, we take a load off of you. We take a load off your shoulders. That’s what we do.

You don’t have to do it yourself.  That’s what we do.

 When you don’t have the time – or inclination – to remove unwanted items from your premises.  We can.  That’s what we do.

 When you want the convenience of having someone else do the heavy lifting.  Leave it to us.  That’s what we do.

 When you’re feeling too stressed, overwhelmed or just too plain tired to haul it away yourself.  Give us a call. That’s what we do.

 When you just want it gone!  We can take it away.  That’s what we do. 

 Help is on the way.  Let us help you.  That’s what we do.

 Whether you have one item or a truck and/or trailer full. Give us a call.

 We can clear out and remove your unwanted items.

 It’s as easy as picking up the phone.  Give the Junkyard Angel a call.

 We are a professional rubbish removal company.  We have the experience and know-how to get the job done.  We are attentive to the needs of our customers and hope to make it a seamless and pleasant experience because we want you to be happy!  And we hope you give us a call the next time too for your junk removal needs.  Our aim is to please you and have you as a repeat customer.  We love repeat customers!

 We serve residential as well as commercial customers.  We are located in Vancouver and service the Lower Mainland.

 For convenient, prompt, efficient, professional service give Junkyard Angel a call

 We can take away your furniture, household goods, old appliances, mattresses, electronics, paints, chemicals, gardening debris and construction debris including concrete, brick, soil, tile and other miscellaneous materials. We can also clear commercial office spaces of desks, partitions and other items. 

 We have all the necessary tools, equipment and experience required to get the job done.

 We load your item(s) and materials into our ¾-ton truck and/or trailer separating and sorting as we go. We separate the items so they can be disposed of responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way.   We care about the environment.

 When we drive away from your premises our work is not done.

 It may be required that we make several stops afterwards to dispose of and/or drop off your items at various depositories located around town. These include electronics drop offs, appliance drop offs, metal recycling or wood recycling or paper recycling or plastic recycling, mattress recycling, paint recycling and chemical recycling. Our first choice always is to donate all donate-able items so they can hopefully find a new home and can be reused by someone else.  After all …. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Our last resort is the landfill.

 We are all more environmentally conscious nowadays.  Although it has become more costly and time-consuming, it is crucial that everything be properly disposed of and/or recycled.   We take it seriously and we take the time and effort to do so under the guidelines and regulations set out by the City of Vancouver.

 There are so many good reasons to hire the Junkyard Angel:

  • If you want to save yourself the time, hassle and physical labour of loading and unloading your items by yourself
  • If you want your items removed from your premises quickly, smoothly and efficiently
  • If you don’t want to enlist the help of friends and family (again!)
  • If you don’t want to keep putting it off
  • If you don’t want to spend your valuable time, energy and gas driving around town dropping off items responsibly for donation and/or recycling facilities
  • If you don’t want to wait in line ups at those facilities
  • If you don’t have a vehicle
  • If you don’t know someone with a truck who can help
  • If you don’t want to rent a truck
  • If you want to save yourself a trip to the chiropractor!

 We can do small jobs and large jobs. Whether it’s one item or a truck and trailer full. We can do it.

 Whether you are a new customer or a repeat customer we will gladly take care of your disposal removal requirements.

 You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that everything is under control.  Help is on the way when you call the Junkyard Angel.

 So, for convenient, hassle free, prompt, efficient, professional, expert, experienced, pleasant, helpful service give the Junkyard Angel a call.   We pride ourselves on it.  It’s a good feeling for the Junkyard Angel team when our customers are feeling a sense of relief, contentment and satisfaction that their space is now clear.  It really does make us feel good when the customer is satisfied.  And we have many satisfied customers.  

 Just remember our motto is Piece by Peace.

 We have been proudly serving the Lower Mainland for 15 years and we are still going strong.   And we are WorkSafe and liability insured.

 To make it convenient for you we have a variety of payments options.  You can pay by cash, cheque, e-transfer, credit card.

 So, the next time you’re contemplating on how you’re going to get rid of stuff … you’ve been meaning to get to it …. whether it’s a mountain of stuff or just one item ….. it could be accumulating in your house, garage, basement, attic, shed, warehouse, storage locker … it could be renovations materials …. or gardening debris that you’d like to see gone ….. consider giving an experienced, friendly, efficient professional team at the Junkyard Angel a phone call to look after you.  You’ll be glad you did.  Help is on the way.

 When we take away your load, we take a load off of you. That’s what we do.