Essential Junk Removal Tips for Your Business

Essential Junk Removal Tips for Your Business

Throughout the years we have had many business customers who have presented us with a variety of requests for their junk and rubbish removal needs.

Sometimes it may be as simple as having an old desk and/or broken chair removed. Or we may be asked to haul away a no longer functioning refrigerator from the coffee room; or perhaps dryer appliances from a hair salon. After a minor or major clean up and decluttering of their offices, a customer may give us a call to pick up items that are no longer of service to them. Perhaps a business has decided to update equipment and/or electronics and needs the old ones taken away. A business may be in the middle of a move and we are tasked with removing only select items.

At other times the request may entail a job of a larger and more extensive scope such as clearing out an entire office space. The office space may have already been vacated and we need to clear away all the items that have been left behind. Sometimes the office space has been left behind in quite the disarray! We have cleaned out entire office spaces whereby we not only dismantled partitions and removed all the desks, chairs and other office furniture, but we also emptied office desk drawers and cleared out the supplies and equipment from the stock/mail room. These particular jobs may be fairly large in scope and require a 4-person crew (or more). As we are packing up the office supplies, etc., we ensure that items are separated into their respective disposal designations such as: charitable donations; paper recycling, electronics recycling; glass recycling; metal recycling, batteries; light bulbs and fixtures; paint recycling, chemical recycling, etc. As a side note, at one particular office site, several very large, beautiful plants had been left behind. We immediately placed an ad on Craigslist under the ‘Free’ section and within minutes had an overwhelming response. In no time, the beautiful plants found new homes with very happy new owners. It was a win-win situation for all.

There are many scenarios and, at some point, there will likely come a time when most businesses will require the services of a professional junk and rubbish removal company.

So, whether you are in the process of moving and need some items removed prior to and/or after the move; have just finished a decluttering; have upgraded the office furniture and/or electronics; or updated office equipment, a professional junk and rubbish removal company can help you out.

Whatever the circumstances we can take away whatever no longer serves you.

It can be difficult to gauge exactly how much stuff there is when it is spread throughout the office space. We will gladly come in and have a look at the situation and we can give you a guesstimate. Or we may ask that you send us photos. Our price will be based upon the volume, time and labour to complete the job. If there are heavy items involved the weight may also play a factor.

We will ascertain the scope of the job. Perhaps there are large or awkward objects that will need to be disassembled before being removed from the space so they are able to fit into the elevator and loading dock. This would include items such as office partitions and L-shaped desks for instance. Or perhaps there is heavy equipment that needs to be taken away.

We can also pro-rate the job. This means that the final price will be dependant upon how full the truck and/or trailer is after they are loaded (one-quarter full; one-half full, etc.).
Essential Junk Removal Tips for Your Business

There are several factors we need to find out prior to beginning the job and some questions that we may ask our customer:

What about parking?
Is street parking available? If so, are there any restrictions? If so, the customer may need to apply for a special parking permit from the City of Vancouver to reserve parking space for a specified block of time.
Is there an alley for parking?
Is there a loading dock?
What are the height restrictions in the underground parking?
Is there an elevator? Is there a commercial elevator?
Will the elevator be booked? Special permission will be required from the building management as the elevator needs to be locked and the elevator most likely will need to be padded.

How high is the elevator?
Has an electrician disconnected everything applicable so we can safely remove items? Some electrical setups such as specialty stoves, dryers, dishwashers, etc. may need to be disconnected by an electrician or building maintenance person. Modular desks may be wired and need to be disconnected by an electrician. We are not electricians.


Just to recap, there are a few tips we can give our business customers regarding junk and rubbish removal. To prepare for our arrival there are certain preparations you may wish to do in advance to facilitate an easy, seamless process – and to make it less stressful on you.

Ensure the proper folks have been notified regarding your move. These folks might include the building management and/or building maintenance in order to reserve and lock the elevator (and to ensure elevator padding is in place); getting the appropriate parking permits for street parking if required, or loading dock permission / reservations; hiring an electrician or building maintenance person to disconnect any electrical components necessary so our work can be carried out safely and efficiently.

To avoid any confusion, particularly if you are in the midst of a move, it is good to label clearly exactly what you wish us to take away. What goes and what stays? This is especially true if the items are not in the same vicinity and are spread out throughout the office. For instance, you might employ a system whereby orange neon stickers are placed on all items that are to be removed by us from your premises.

Also, it is a good idea to pack or keep ‘like’ items together. Some categories of these items that you would like us to take away might be:

  • Donations
  • Office Supplies (these will be donated to a charitable organization)
  • Paper recycling
  • Cardboard recycling
  • Glass recycling
  • Electronics
  • Batteries
  • Light bulbs/fixtures
  • Paints and Chemicals
  • Photocopy toner

In case you have sensitive items that need to be shredded we can recommend a company that specializes in safe document destruction.

These are just a few tips that might be helpful for you.

We look forward to serving our business customers!