Types of Junk Removal Services

Type of Junk Removal Services

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Call it what you like.  We all have it.  And at times we have way too much of it.  And we need to get rid of it.

Junk and rubbish removal has evolved especially in the last several years.  Our planet seems to be smaller and more interconnected.  We are now even more aware of our individual and collective impact on the planet.  Everything we do has an impact.

Therefore, there have been implemented many more stringent rules and regulations surrounding junk and rubbish removal.  The cost of disposal has steadily increased.  And the process of junk removal and disposal is more time-consuming as items and materials need to be separated into various recycling and waste disposal categories, usually at the job site, so they can be dropped off at the appropriate facilities afterwards. Mountains of items are being hauled daily to various recycling facilities and landfills.

Not everybody’s junk removal needs are the same.

We have gone into crawl spaces with forehead flashlights to retrieve items and materials; basements; attics; garages; outdoor sheds; storage lockers; yards; back alleys; docks; offices; construction sites and of course houses and apartments.

We have had some unusual jobs.  For instance, we cleared out a large storage space chock full of vintage office equipment, etc. from the 1930’s and 1940’s, including a vintage pinball machine.  Another customer had a large collection of LP record albums.  Turns out the sleeves were all empty, however, the sleeves themselves were collectors’ items!  The fellow at the music store had never seen such a collection before and happily took all the boxes of empty sleeves for framing purposes.

We service both Residential and Commercial customers.  This includes houses, condos, apartment complexes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, salons, landscapers and construction sites to name a few.

Residential customers have a multitude of reasons for needing junk removal.  Most of these jobs entail picking up furniture, boxes of household items, mattresses, old appliances, electronics, gym fitness equipment, trampolines, children’s playground equipment, carpeting, flooring, bathtubs, tires, car batteries, barbeques, propane tanks, etc.  The unwanted items might be the end result of renovations, redecorating, moving, downsizing, updating, de-cluttering, re-organizing, leftover garage sale items, appliance breakdown, locker clear out, yard and garden maintenance and clean-up, landscaping debris (plant material as well as bricks, rocks, concrete, etc.), soil and fencing debris.

Our Commercial customers are located in offices, retail stores, salons, and restaurants, etc.  They often require our services when they are moving, renovating, updating, replacing furniture, equipment and/or appliances, cleaning up indoor and/or outdoor space.  Or we may be asked to remove debris and garbage after a special event.   If a company is closing up shop they may have display items such as racks and shelving units, etc. that need to go.  Also, recycling room bins may be in an overflow situation prior to their normal scheduled recycling pickup so we are called in to clear away the excess.

Types of Junk Removal

What Happens to Your Stuff:

All materials that can be recycled such as paper, plastic, glass, wood, metal, appliances, electronics, etc. need to be taken to the appropriate recycling facility.  Chemicals, paints, batteries, light bulbs, hazardous materials also need to be taken to their respective depositories to be disposed of safely and responsibly.

Appliances and electronics are not built to last.  Back in the day a refrigerator or washing machine could last for 25 years.  Now you are lucky if it lasts five years!  It is cheaper to replace it than to pay for the repairs.  Years ago, we might have dumped them into the landfills.  We no longer do this.  Nowadays, used appliances are hauled to a recycling facility where they are taken apart and the metals and parts are recycled and perhaps even reused if possible.

Old, discarded mattresses are no longer just thrown into the landfill like they were years ago.  They are dropped off at a facility where they are taken apart.  The metal coils are separated so they can go directly to the metal recycling facility and the foam portion is sent to another facility to be recycled separately.

Old furniture and furnishings that are in reasonable condition and still serviceable will be accepted by a charitable organization to sell and hence be reused by someone else.

Landscaping material, if properly sorted and not contaminated with other materials, can be taken to a facility for recycling.  Yard waste consisting only of trimmings, leaves, grass, branches (maximum 45 cm in diameter and 2.6 meters long), and plant remains, will be accepted for recycling.  If other materials such as bricks, rocks, concrete, etc. are mixed in with the yard waste, it is considered contaminated and will not be accepted for recycling.  If that is the case, the materials will be taken to the landfill instead.

Construction debris is separated into categories such as drywall, wood, metal, cardboard, etc. so that it can be recycled.  Drywall, pre-1990, needs to be sent to an accredited laboratory for testing and analysis to determine if it contains asbestos.  This is done prior to the materials being picked up by a rubbish removal company.  If the drywall does in fact contain asbestos there are strict protocols that need to be followed, such as double bagging, etc.  A qualified contractor will be aware of the proper procedures.  There are certain rubbish companies that specialize in picking it up and taking it away for you.  Our company does not handle asbestos.

We are able to deal with the many different types of chemicals and solvents, etc. that our customers may have.  We drop them off at a regional recycling facility.  Unfortunately, Environment Canada has not yet established a full spectrum of chemicals that can be recycled.  If the chemicals, etc. are not accepted and cannot be handled by the regional recycling facility they are then taken to another facility that specializes in such chemicals, paints and solvents.  Extra charges will apply.

There are many different ways of talking about junk and rubbish removal.  And, as you can see, there are also many different steps involved once we drive away from our customers’ premises so that we can dispose of the items and materials responsibly.

Give Junkyard Angel a call and we’ll be happy to take away your stuff and lighten your load.

When we take away your load, we take a load off of you.